Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, the Filipino-American Singer/Songwriter grew up subsisting on the emo and pop-punk gems of the 2000s, taking up songwriting after hearing Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard for the first time. Dylan started out in his high school years, performing and releasing demos recorded in his bedroom on Myspace under the name Helloimdylan. He eventually quit from music during college due to health problems, both mental and physical, but would eventually return to music as Helloimdylan in his early 20's, releasing 3 completely self-produced EP’s, as well as successfully crowdfunded full-length titled "Happy Tears." The album celebrated the things in his life worth crying happy tears for, especially deep relationship with his partner of 10 years, as well as the friends they made along the way, who were often featured as gang vocalists on the album.

In keeping with that theme of tears, in 2022, Schroth retired the name Helloimdylan, and took up the name “Modern Crybaby.” 

 “I wanted my music to stop being for me and instead, be for the people who've felt the way I’ve felt— lost, lonely, anxious and small. I want my music to make them feel understood, to offer them support and strength in tough in times the way my favorite artists always did for me. Those are the people I call the modern crybabies, and there are so many of us out there who could accomplish so much more if we’d just pick each other up along the way.”

Dylan is currently working on releasing his debut album as Modern Crybaby— an album he hopes will inspire more crybabies like him to find the spark they need to keep going.